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myCar is a mobile app that uses software and tracking solutions to help you keep tabs:  It’ll help you recover your vehicle if it’s stolen, tell you when the engine needs to be serviced, track your warranty and lease mileage, call for roadside assistance — even report on how your teenager drove when she took the car out. myCar gives you ACTIVE VEHICLE MANAGEMENT in the palm of your hand and is backed by our responsive customer service department. myCar can be found at a dealer near you — be sure to ask for it when you’re making your next vehicle purchase. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

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car-lotSOLUTIONS for Auto Dealers

Extensive inventory may be key to your business, but it also presents the challenge of how to manage it all. Now you can see your entire inventory at the touch of your fingertips. Our Inventory Management solution lets auto dealers effortlessly manage vehicle inventory in real time: See which cars are on the lot or out making deliveries, track which vehicles are shuttling service customers or are out for test drives. You can even know which routes are being used and how cars are being driven. We take the guesswork out of your day so you can focus on great service (and great sales).

buyherepayhereSOLUTIONS for Auto Lenders

Our GPS vehicle solutions help dealers and Buy Here Pay Here lenders take the headache out of keeping tabs on assets. Our Buy Here Pay Here solution is simple to install and gives you easy access to the information that’s most important to you, making inventory management and loan tracking a cinch. Our trackers help you relocate vehicles if buyers stop making payments — no more dead-end searches, wasted time and money, or hours of frustration. If your vehicle is ever unaccounted for, we’ll help you locate it quickly and efficiently so you can go back to doing what really matters — focusing on your business.