Rolly Woolsey, Founder and CEO

Rolly Woolsey started his career in the NFL but found his niche in the business world. After four years playing pro football, Rolly launched his first venture with a $2,000 budget. That company later generated $10 million in annual sales. He furthered his experience by doing business in the tech, finance, and publishing worlds, successfully starting companies and turning them around. Rolly directs operations for Unblinking Infomatics in his role as CEO.

Bobby Smith, Founder and Chairman

Bobby Smith developed his executive vision over 35 years of working with diverse companies, from Fortune 500 firms to entrepreneurial start-ups, in the banking, financial services, and insurance industries. Bobby became chairman of Unblinking Infomatics in 2010 and has been instrumental in the company’s rapid — and exciting — expansion.

Todd Helmsin, Senior Vice President of Sales

Todd Helmsin came to Unblinking Infomatics after a 14-year career with Wells Fargo, where he concentrated on consumer auto finance lending, sales management, credit risk management, and strategic planning. Before joining Wells Fargo, Todd owned, and was president of, The Loan Source Mortgage Corporation (TLSMC), a privately held real estate mortgage loan origination company that developed proprietary software. TLSMC pioneered direct internet mortgage loan capabilities between real estate franchise sales companies and indirect lending resources. With more than 30 years of experience, Todd employs a kitchen-table approach to business, conducting open and honest conversations to meet the needs of customers.

Greg Gilmer, Senior Vice President of Business Development

Greg Gilmer has more than 17 years of experience in the successful design, development, and promotion of Tier 1 Carriers, GPS, telematics, satellite, wireless, insurance companies, supply chain, telemetry, and large global fleets, as well as end-user customers and software, including multiple patents in the telematics space and an IPO. He worked as a senior business development manager at AT&T and as a strategic partner with AT&T and Rogers Canada, during which he brought on 20,000 new subscribers in 8 months, resulting in a 40% increase in margins. He has managed Top 4, Tier 1 carrier relationships since 1991, resulting in over 85 company launches in mobile, GPS, and telematics with over $1 billion in sales. In addition to his global relationships with companies in Australia, Asia, Western Europe, and the U.S., he has successfully co-founded 3 startup companies in consumer, enterprise location based services.